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I heard about on Net@Night from the network and figured I had to try it.  It is actually pretty neat.  You can plug in different websites, twitter ID’s and search terms to create a neat tag cloud of the words you use.  Here’s an example of mine.  I uploaded a graphic and adjusted […]

Videos of @goldengage

Gage is our beloved golden retriever that we got on August 8th, 2008 (08-08-08), which was exactly a year before our wedding date. ┬áMany of you have heard this story, but the reason we got him was as a gift of our engagement. ┬áThat’s a whole different video, but I told Amy that we could […]

New Blog/web design

I recently made some major changes to my blog.  To start with I changed the address.  I was using a Blogger blog that posted to and decided to import it into a blog to go with my website a little better, so the new address is as I'm sure you figured out […]

Let the Games Begin

Amy has for some reason decided to challenge me to a biggest loser competition. I guess she doesn’t think I’m doing well enough on my own, or maybe she just likes getting beat by me at things. After watching the last season of Biggest Losers, maybe she’s been tricked into thinking that a female will […]