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I heard about on Net@Night from the network and figured I had to try it.  It is actually pretty neat.  You can plug in different websites, twitter ID’s and search terms to create a neat tag cloud of the words you use.  Here’s an example of mine.  I uploaded a graphic and adjusted […]

Reaching Out

I’ve enjoyed the blogging and social networking, but I don’t really have the type of personality to always talk about myself or to start conversations.  I’m more the type that likes to jump in when I think I have something good to offer, but I often don’t want to intrude either.  These lines have changed […]

Tech: Twitter

There’s so much buzz going on about Twitter right now, especially with Ashton Kutcher beating CNN to 1,000,000 followers. I think I joined about a year ago, but hadn’t really heard much about it being applicable to me until RAGBRAI posted any tweets with the hashtag #RAGBRAI in them to the Des Moines Register’s website.  […]

New Blog/web design

I recently made some major changes to my blog.  To start with I changed the address.  I was using a Blogger blog that posted to and decided to import it into a blog to go with my website a little better, so the new address is as I'm sure you figured out […]

My website

I wish I knew more about formatting my blog.  I’ve seen other people’s blogs so I know it’s possible, but I want to clean up my webpage and make my blog part of the home page, then insert a feed on the side with twitter updates and any other updates for my other stuff.  In […]

Banquet Updates

As the banquet is quickly approaching, I’m going to start adding back blogs, from stuff that never got posted online. Some various material, but will include news paper articles, pictures, audio clips from senior night, notes that I wrote to the news paper and then some news on open gyms, upcoming camps and updates to […]