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Google CR-48 Cromebook

I got home the other day and saw a package on the front step.  I didn't think much of it, I kinda have an addiction to ordering stuff off of Amazon.  Then my wife said, "What'd you get now?".  I got to thinking, I haven't ordered anything in a few days, I wonder what it […]


I heard about on Net@Night from the network and figured I had to try it.  It is actually pretty neat.  You can plug in different websites, twitter ID’s and search terms to create a neat tag cloud of the words you use.  Here’s an example of mine.  I uploaded a graphic and adjusted […]

Power Outage Disaster

So today at work I faced one of the things you hope you never have, but you are sure you will some day when you least expect it.  For example when your supervisor (IS Director) is supposed to be somewhere in north-central Iowa climbing a hill on a 21 speed, road bike.  This morning when […]

Hands on with the iPad

I had the chance to play around with an iPad recently.  The chairman of our company got one and liked it so much, he asked me to set one up for his wife.  It felt like Christmas opening an $800+ Apple package before anyone else got their hands on it, since I don’t get the […]

Nook e

I don’t really forget about this blog, I just have a hard time updating any of them.  Posterous has really made it more convenient by adding posts by email.  I use to tweet once in a while from my phone, but once I could post pictures and short notes to my blog with an email from my […]


I’m just a happy, loving, faithful Golden Retriever from Omaha, NE. I love long walks around the block and sniffing my neighbors. I recently joined the web world with my own blog, email, Pack, Cuteness page, & Twitter. I like to call it Twoofer. So I guess you can call me Gage 2.0. Any commands, just email […]

2008 News

Here’s a few of the articles I’ve gathered from the 2008 season so far. Since I don’t get any of the paper’s here in Omaha, I try to find all the articles online. Feel free to grab whatever ones you want. If you have some that I don’t let me know and I’ll add them. […]