Month: November 2006

I’ll moon it!!

Today just wasn’t my day. I play pitch everyday at lunch with a bunch of buddies I work with. I just started playing maybe a month or two ago, but have had some of my best memories I’ll take with me from Maytag. This place is full of good people, but nothing brings out the personalities of your friends then competing against them in something like cards everyday. I enjoy playing cards anyways. I have some great memories from when I started playing pitch with the boys on the way to HS baseball games. We played everything from 4 to 7 to 10 point. I had some long expensive nights playing poker in the dorms with the older guys my freshman year of college. One of my best friends came from that group of guys. When we first started working at Maytag we had a weekly poker night where we played Texas Hold’em and traded money with each other. Most recently I taught my girlfriend and a couple we hang out with the game of Eucre. Another classic that I picked up from college baseball. My main point of this is, how fun it can be playing cards with your friends. It gives me the chance to be competitive and have fun doing it. It is also one of those things that comes easy to me. I enjoy numbers and odds, and trying to use them to my advantage. I think I got that from my dad. He was the one that always helped me with my math homework when I was growing up. He also plays cards every Wednesday with his friends. I tried to play with them one night and realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t up to par on their games, but also that my dad was pretty good.

I also enjoy gambling on cards at the casino. I’m a huge fan of blackjack. I’ve figured out a way to make the odds a little closer to even. This doesn’t mean that I always win, but I enjoy having a big day every now and then, when my girlfriend allows me to go. I’m a $150 win streak for the last 2 times I’ve gone. I can’t remember 3 times ago, but I probably lost. I’ve competed in one Texas Hold’em tournament that had a $50 buy in. I ended up getting 6th and winning ~$300. I think it was begginners luck, because I don’t usually have that much luck playing hold’em at the casino.

I also enjoy card tricks. I’ve picked up a few tricks from my dad that always awe a crowd. I’m always trying to pick up more though.

Storm Women

So I’m about the most pumped I’ve been for a volleyball game. The Simpson Volleyball team is playing Maryville (TN) @ Wash U in the STL (wow, a lot of abbrv.). They won both the regular season conference and the conference tournament. Which I have to make sure I note they FTD twice. Swept them both times. I was there for both of them it was awesome!! I’m trying to figure out if there is going to be a webcast for the game. I wish I could’ve gone, but it didn’t work out with my jobs. So hopefully they win the region, then maybe they’ll get to host something down the road. I also wanted to mention that I was reading the press release on their website and their coach said a couple things that I wouldn’t necessarily want posted on the web. Tell me if you would want your name next this statement… “I joked about playing big corn-fed girls from the Midwest and — and they really are good-sized girls out there — but the other coaches laughed…”. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve seen these girls and they may be tall but I wouldn’t go as far to say they are “big corn-fed girls”.

While we’re on the subject of volleyball, my sister finished her first season as a head coach for the Eagle Grove (IA) Eagles Volleyball team. They didn’t quite qualify for the National Tournament, but they had a good season. I’m really proud of my sister and what she’s done as a coach and person. It can be hard to walk into that situation, but she tackled it the best way possible. So best of luck to her, maybe some of the Eagles will be playing for the Storm in the future.

Back to Simpson women’s athletics. The women’s soccer team won conference this year and had a player named MVP of the IIAC. The coach also got coach of the year.

So I’m looking forward to a good year in women’s athletics at Simpson.


Britney finally gave the ax to Kevin. This is something people thought she would have done a long time ago, but it’s got to make you wonder why thinks worked for so long and why they ended with this timing. This could kill Kevin’s music career, I’m not sure he had too much of a chance to start with. I have listened to his new cd and it’s not bad, but now he has even more cards stacked against him, losing Brit’s fan base. I’m not sure who’s left to like him, the people that didn’t like Brit are gone and the people that don’t like Brit are gone, so I guess it’s up to the poeple that have never heard of him, but decide they like his music.

Anyways, why does everybody, including myself, get so caught up in pop culture. Maybe it’s because we wish we could live that lifestyle or because we haven’t gotten tired of hearing about them, since we never run into many famous people in Iowa. After reading up on what happens to these people on a daily basis, I’m glad I don’t live like them. Maybe I could just be one of those famous people that isn’t too famous and nobody recognizes, so that I could have the benefits, but now the downfalls. I know there are more important things than being rich and famous, but everyone would enjoy it to an extent.

There are a few different places I read up on celebs at. The first and best place is TMZ. This place usually is the first to report anything. Others include People and E! of course, but another one that I get a kick out of is TheSmokingGun. This place has all the documentation to prove the most recent news that has been reported, which most recently includes proof that Brit and Kevin married on a different day then they told everyone. But their claim to fame is the mug shots of celebs and things they require backstage at shows.

So if you thought you were up to date by reading the today section of the Des Moines Register, you’re wrong, check out a few of these places, but don’t get hooked .


I’ve already explained some of the personal meaning this number has to me, but I also wanted to throw out some facts about the number. Including all the great athletes that have worn it.

There are a ton of interesting facts here, but I just wanted to pick out a few. Diecinueve is the 8th smallest prime number. XIX is also the atomic number of potassium. I just read that the New General Catalogue object NGC19 is a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda. Interesting enough, my initials are NGC. I’m going to have to look into this a little more sometime.

Among the great athletes to wear this number are Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount, Bob Feller, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Lance Alworth, Bernie Kosar, Willis Reed (NBA), Lenny Wilkens(NBA), Don Nelson (NBA). And more recently Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Bush (Louisville Runningback), Lionel Messi (international soccer player-Barcelona & Argentina). Some of my personal favorites are Juan Gonzalez and Robin Ventura.

Just incase you didn’t figure it out the number was 19.

MySpace vs Facebook

I’m sure everyone has atleast heard of these to web giants right now. The debate comes to whether or not these sites give information out too freely or if they are a gateway for “bad things” to happen with younger users. I have accounts with both and would be confident in saying that you are in control of how much info is out there. Both sites do a good job of regulating thinks to a certain point so that you don’t accidently put information that you don’t want seen. Many people complain about the new features that FaceBook added which provide updates to friends on what is going on with your profile. Each of these features can be limited or disabled, so it’s kind of silly for someone to complain. This is one of the features that I think makes FaceBook better than MySpace. I’m also partial to the way that it networks your friends and makes searching a little easier, among other things.

I really have enjoyed both sites for the fact that I have been able to keep in touch with high school friends that I haven’t talked to in 10 years. This is by far the biggest reason that everyone should join. I would have to say that the quizes get a little old, but the customizations of the site can show your creative side. Feel free to add me and mention that you read about it from my blog. The links are off to the right.

So what other sites like this are out there? I’ve recently joined TagWorld, it is very similar, but near as popular yet. If you’re interested in soccer at all, Nike & Google have put together a pretty nice soccer version called Joga. The one that I have most recently looked into is WAYN. This site uses your geographical location and the trips you are making to associate people together. Kind of an interesting idea, when people travel and move so much. Lastly is LinkedIn. This is a site for networking from the business side. Where employees can find other employees they work with to use for references and information on other jobs or companies. Again I haven’t dug to deep yet, but I’m sure I will be here in a month or two when I get into the job hunt a little more.

So why didn’t somebody think of this years ago. I mean chat rooms have been popular forever. I wish I was Mr. MySpace right now. Someday I’m going stumble across, the thing that makes my millions.

Signed In (Away)

So I’m trying to develop a new webpage, but I keep on getting distracted by other stuff. Does anybody else find it hard to concentrate on one thing when their sitting in front of their computer. I have 3 instant messanger programs going, atleast 3 email addresses I receive email on, then MySpace & FaceBook which are as addicting as crack. Let alone I’m trying to stay up on this blog thing and my gf keeps texting me on my cell. I guess it’s just a sign of the times, that technology has made people so readily available. I guess I don’t really mind, but my webpage is falling behind. Enough ranting about that.

There are a ton of other cool things technology wise that keep my away from the work I want to do. Here are a few, let me know in your comments if you have any others. The first 3 sites were recommended by my buddy G. He and I are co-workers in the IT department.

LifeHacker – this site has all kinds of tricks and kinds of software to make things easier.
Engadget – a cool site with all the newest in technology gadgets. I really shouldn’t be looking at this site, cause I love gadgets.
FatWallet – the place to go to find deals on the coolest gadgets, and anything else as far as that goes, you need cheap toilet paper in Texas, look here first.
Slashdot – News for Nerds, enough said.

There’s a few other’s I go to, but I can’t think of them. If you ever need to know how to fix something, be sure to do a search on Google or the site for the source of your problem. I’m sure somebody out there has had the same problem before. Even though sometimes we feel like we have to of been the first. This will save your uncles, brother’s, nephew’s friend that works on computers some time if you can solve it on your own, trust me.

Google, is a whole other topic I’ll have to discuss some other time. I love that place. They have done some incredible things and I’m looking forward to what they have up their sleeves.


Everybody has different taste in music and different reasons they listen to it. Music has a huge influence on my life. I could listen to music all the time. I enjoy rap, hip-hop & R&B the most. I use it for different reasons. First of all is the mood it can get me in. Whether it’s to relax, stay motivated, or get me pumped up. I enjoy to stay up on the whole hip-hop business. The beef that goes on in hip hop can sometimes be misinterpreted by who got shot and who’s going to the klink. I think it’s much more deep. If you’re interested here’s a couple sites to checkout… SOHH, AllHipHop, & HipHopDX. Remember that some of these sites are biased to certain groups and regions.

I enjoy new music the most. I love to crack open a new album or get my hands on it before it’s released and see which tracks I feel. Then to see if they are the ones that are released. This has been a pretty good year for new releases. Pharrell, JT, John Legend, & Beyonce dropped albums recently and then in November The Game, Jay-Z, Snoop, and don’t forget K-Fed drop albums this November. I’ve heard the Game and K-Fed cd’s and they are pretty good.

I was surprised about K-Fed’s if he’d just stop bitching about the media hating him, and listeners didn’t know about the bad press he’s been getting and that he’s with Britney, then I think his album would get a lot more credit.

As far as The Game, it’ll be interesting to see if the album sells like he’s been promising. I think it’ll do well, but it’s a tough time of year and he might have pissed a couple too many people off, either way I’m still a fan and getting the album on the first day.

As you could probably tell from the few cd’s that I mentioned, I’m a big fan of Pharrell, JT, John Legend, & Jay-Z. I’m looking forward to JT coming to the area. He’s going to be in Omaha and Ames. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth going to both. Another thing you can probably tell, is that I like all different kinds of music and I don’t care if people know it. I’ve been a fan of JT since day 1 of *NSYNC. I was originally a fan of Lance, but once JT went solo I changed my mind.

My First Blog…

So I’m trying to get into the whole blogging thing, but things don’t just come to me when I’m sitting front of the computer. I’m actually pretty creative usually. There’s alot to this blogging stuff that I don’t understand. First of all, who would want to read my blog. I’m not sure what I have that makes me that much different than anybody else. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself first.

I have a wonderful girlfriend named Amy. She is from Omaha, NE and still goes to school at Simpson College. Which is my Alma Mater. I played football and baseball there, and currently coach football (running backs). I also coach high school girls soccer in Newton. I’ve been doing the coaching thing for 4 years now and I’ve decided it’s a field that I’ll never be able to get out of. I’ll be coaching my great-great-grand kids at the sports that are invented by the time they are playing. And I’ll still be telling stories about the 2003-2006 soccer and football teams.

I am also an IT professional currently working for the Maytag Corporation. I started here in November 2003 as a temp and then was hired full-time 2 months later. I’ve been working as an IT Customer Support Analyst and was recently promoted to a level 2 analyst. I’ve worked in many different areas, but most recently in SAP Basis & web development, but continuing first and second level support to Maytag employees. We were recently acquired by the Whrilpool Corporation and my position has been transitioned. On March 1st, I will no longer be employed by Maytag/Whrilpool.

The name oneniner has a lot of meaning to me. It sounds like a silly screen name that I made up to be unique on the millions of sites that I have signed up on, but it comes from the number 19. When my dad was growing up the number 19 was lucky to his father (my grandfather). His father died when he was young, and therefor I never got to meet my grandfather on his side. When I was starting to play sports I was talking to my dad about what numbers I should choose. I always prefered 9, but never thought of double digit numbers as lucky until I had this talk with my dad. He was telling about the meaning that the number 19 had to him, so I decided to adopt the number as my number. So all though highschool sports I was number 19. The only sport I couldn’t be 19 was basketball because in high school nobody has any digits over 5 in their numbers, but for football, soccer, and baseball I wore the number. In football I started my carreer playing quarterback so the number fit my position perfectly, then my senior year I moved to playing defensive line. I was probably the only defensive linemen in the state wearing 19. The nickname Oneniner came from baseball season. It just kinda grew on me from hearing people say “lets go one-niner”. So I decided Oneniner is now my nickname. Nobody has ever called me that, but I have used it online every since ncarson was gone from the hotmail database in 1996.