College World Series 2010

Here’s a round up of the pictures I took from College World Series games this year.  I got a chance to sit in 3 different areas of the stadium.  I saw 2 great finishes by South Carolina including the Championship and last game played at Rosenblatt Stadium.  I didn’t have the best camera, just using the one from my phone.  But here goes, I’ll start with the video from the winning run of the championship.


Top of the 10th, with 2 outs, tie game

UPDATE: ok, so I had the wrong inning on accident, It was the top of the 10th, I realized it as soon as I posted it and I probably should’ve mentioned it was Oklahoma vs South Carolina in an elimination game of the College World Series (CWS) for the last year at Rosenblatt Stadium.

The game was great by the way. Oklahoma took the lead and then South Carolina answered with 2 runs to win in the bottom of the 12th.

Newton Girls Soccer

It's been a while since I mentioned that I used to coach high school soccer in Newton, IA.  Well in the last couple weeks they've made me so proud to have been a part of the program.  The class that that was freshman the last year I coached, are now Seniors and they have defeated both Pella and Norwalk.  Which have been the two toughest teams in the conference since we joined in my last year.  We split with them beating Norwalk and losing to Pella when I coached and tied for 1st in the conference.  This year they are on track to win conference if they can finish out the year well.  As far as I know their only 2 loses are to two ranked teams, #7 Nevada and #1 Cedar Rapids Xavier.  The only problem is that all of those teams are 1A teams and this year Newton is 2A.  So they will have to face some pretty tough competition to make it to State.

I'm hoping to catch a game and see how far the girls have come since they were freshman.  I have to figure out when when I can make it and hopefully I'll be able to catch more than 1 game.  Well, I'm running out of interesting stuff to say, actually I didn't have much to start with, but Go Cards!  Keep up the great work, I'm glad we're back on top!

Bluejays Basketball

I tried to put this picture out to twitpic Saturday, but it didn’t go through for some reason. I guess I’ll just have to give up on twitpic. Posterous does a better job of posting them anyways.

This is from the Bradley game last Saturday. It was their 3rd win of their longest win streak all year. Kinda sad, but hopefully it sends them into the conference tournament with some confidence.