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Flying Kangaroos & Koalas

The blog entries are taking a little longer to put up every week. I think we need a win to get the blogging community excited.  We were the closest we’ve been this week.  With only 3 outs left to seal the victory, we gave up about 6 or 8 runs in the last inning that we couldn’t answer to.  We put up a valiant effort and it was a good try.  2 of the things I don’t like to hear during sports games.  We were vastly improved though.

Nancy, Mike, Shannon, & Jacki filled some gaps in our lineup from missing people.  Some how everybody came up with kids to watch, a business trip to take, or something better to do, I can’t imagine that.  But our new faces, played very well.  Luckily Nancy never got hit to, and was able to focus on her at bats.  She crushed the ball a few times although 1 time she almost got passed while scoring from first base.  Mike even surprised himself with a couple of the plays he made at first.  We couldn’t get him to play anywhere else he liked it so much.  Shannon had an amazing catch behind the plate, on a foul ball.

Now we know what it takes to win and we’ll put a complete game together.  Once again thanks Keytstone for Always being smooth, even when we’re not, and unthank you to the Gully Keepers for showing up to our game to cheer us on.  You showed up just in time to make us lose.

Eager to get on the field again

After having a week off due to inclement weather, the team has put together a new game plan and is refocused.  I feel sorry for the Flying Marsupials for getting in our way, they don’t know it yet (and probably never will), but they are in for a treat when they walk on to the field tonight.

Pre-game festivities are taking place at the Ice House and we are expecting our biggest crowd of the season.  They may be cheering against us, but Keepin it Gully has decided to grace us with their presence at the game.  A few of us are also planning on hanging around to help distract them during their game.  We’re going to dust of the balls, gloves, & bat, so come out and be a part of the record attendance to cheer on the Grass Stains.  7:30 @ Kelly Fields #7.

Game 2

The first couple innings of the home opener, the Grass Stains looked like a new team. We had our mascot back and a few changes in the lineup. Our pitcher, Mike Borcher, lead the team to a couple shutout innings, 1 of which was 3 up 3 down including a double play capped off by a behind the back tag by Mary Beth at third. A diving stab in left field by Berto, a nice fielding play by the, “I’ll show up when I feel like it”, Ashley Blue at second, and a nice catch by our catcher Lori Young on a play at the plate were the defensive highlights. Our defensive player of the game award goes to the home plate umpire and the backstop for their assistance to our catcher. Leading the offense with the best on base percentage for the day was Brian Galloway, with a 2 for 2 effort. Andy Grier and Joe Friedrichsen also had a decent day at the plate. Other participants were Lindsay Felberg, Michelle Leas, Kristen Friedrichsen, Matt Borcher, & Mrs. Borcher, who played an errorless right field.

We didn’t end up on top, but we are getting better. I believe the final was 14-9. The team did a better job with hydration, and are getting the bats warmed up a little. Our next game is against a “Drinking Team with a Softball Problem” next Thursday, September 11, at 8:30 PM. We hope to have a better crowd. Speaking of which our attendance probably doubled, more attendance from Dan Bourne’s family and even Nancy Schwertley made an appearance. Lastly, we’d like to thank our sponsors Keystone, “Always Smooth, Even When You’re Not” and the Ice House.

UPDATE (9/9/08 @ 2:30PM):  Brian may have led the team with an OBP of 100%, but he wasn’t the only one, Michelle Leas also went 3-3, and maybe a couple other people that I didn’t remember, which is probably due to 1 of our sponsors.

Burlington Grass Stains Make Their Debut

Forget opening day at Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park. The real excitement came last Thursday when the Burlington Grass Stains softball team hit the field for their season opener against AOK, “Keepin’ it Gully.” Complete with matching t-shirts (thanks to Kelly Murkins and Ashley Blue!), the team looked simply adorable skipping out onto the field on a gorgeous summer evening!

The Grass Stains had their work cut out for them. AOK came to the field with a fire in their eyes. The Grass Stains came with beer.

– Andy Grier and Mike Borcher shared pitching duties for the team while Nolan’s fiancé, Amy, was the catcher. Amy was heard to say during one point in the game, “I wish we could find at least ONE good pitcher for the team.”
– Brain Galloway played in the outfield and, after missing a pop fly, said, “The music was too loud, the sun was in my eyes and I was too busy on my laptop fixing my ITunes account.”
– Michelle Leas and Tyler Hughes were in the outfield. Tyler was blushing because of Michelle’s “colorful” language.
– Mike Borcher’s son, Matt, played first base while Matt’s girlfriend, Mary Beth, played third. They were just adorable!
– Ashley Blue held court on second base. She kept the referee honest.
– Dan Bourne was the shortstop and inaugurated the season and the team’s name by earning a grass stain when he flew through the air and made a spectacular catch.
– “Coach” Nolan Carson rotated among the positions, but spent most of the time just yelling at people.
– Lindsay Felberg played right field and was the team’s designated power-hitter.

Even with all that talent, the Grass Stains were up against a mighty opponent. Led by Jessica “Red Velvet” Miller, the AOK team boasts several 2008 summer softball CHAMPIONS and some darn good players. According to Coach Carson, “We lost, but we’re not quite sure by how much. We think we scored 12 points, but they either had 17 or 19. I have a headache.”

When asked for a quote about the game, Andy Grier commented, “I don’t like to talk about losing. I guess it comes from being passed up at the orphanage so many times as a child.”

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AOK (Keep It Gully) get’s Grass Stained (BCG Grass Stains Softball Game 1)

Our coach/mascot, Berto, had so much faith in us that he threw us into the “gully” (“definition: Something from the streets, gutter, and/or gangsta”) without even showing up for our opener. We started out very well, by winning the coin toss then things took a turn. There were a few highlights though. An outstanding circus catch by Brian Galloway in right center, the flashy glove work by Dan Bourne & Ashley Blue in the middle infield and lockdown pitching by Mike Borcher & Andy Grier for the combined 13 hitter paved the way for the offense of Tyler Hughes, Michelle Leas & clean-up hitter, Lindsay Felberg to take over. That’s offense as in hitting and scoring runs, not being offensive, which Michelle’s mouth was also doing in left center field when the going got rough. A couple good notes: No golden sombrero’s were handed out for having 3 strike outs in 1 game. I’m waiting to see who’ll be the first to do that and no one got hurt, except for our cheering section of 3 people. Our opponents came to play. I think their key to success was that they scored more runs. As our assistant/wannabe coach, I would say the 1 major thing we lacked was proper hydration, there was a lot of effort shown and it was a good start to our season. It’d be nice to get a chance at them again in the playoffs when we’ve had a few games under our belt. Too bad we don’t have playoffs… or wear belts.

Playing Hardball: Keep it Gully vs.Grass Stains

Get ready for the battle of the season as our very own softball all-stars, “Keep It Gully” take on the “Grass Stains”, aka Team Burlington this Thursday, 9:30p.m. at the Kelly Complex, 124th and Fort Sts.
Both teams have been working hard to get ready for the season opener.   Keep it Gully’s team manager, Daniel Boyd is confident that the team is more than ready for the challenges that lie ahead, “ What you will see from this team is compromised of the Gulliest material and will change the way softball is played forever,” says Boyd.

Team Grass Stains is also very optimistic and has even put in a couple of practice sessions already. However one member of Team Grass Stains admits they are still feeling out their strategy, “We haven’t found out who our “heavy hitters” are yet.  I’m probably the heaviest, but I don’t know about the hitting part,” comments Grass Stain, Nolan Carson.

Both teams have their own opinions on who will dominate the game and take the win. “I don’t know if this Burlington team is aware that this is softball. The way I see them prancing around the building, they would be more suitable joining a ballet group,” says one anonymous source.    Grass Stain, Carson is fired up and extends a challenge to Keep it Gully, “Yeah, you guys are so “gully”…Bring it!”  Boyd says Team Keep it Gully will not be intimidated by threats, “We fear no one!!!!” Boyd retorts, “Now, excuse us while we get back to our brutal training regimen.”
Good luck to both teams and may the best team win!

Go Burlington Grass Stains!!

Employees are invited to the first softball game of the season on Thursday, August 28th. Team members include Ashley Blue, Mike & Matt Borcher, Daniel Bourne, Nolan Carson, Lindsay Felberg, Joel Friedrichsen, Brian Galloway, Andy Grier, Tyler Hughes, Julie Jansa, Mike Jung, Jacki Kehril, Michelle Leas, Berto Maia, Mike Peter, Nancy Schwertley, Teri Winkelbauer and Lori Young. The Burlington Grass Stains are playing Keep it Gully – a team comprised of staff members from All Our Kids. The rivalry has begun and the game is ON!!! We would love your support. The game begins at 9:30 at Kelley Complex off of 124th & Fort Streets. All games are played at Kelly Complex on Thursday nights. Please call Berto Maia if you need directions or a copy of the league schedule.

(compliments of the BCG Marketing Department, posted on the company intranet site)