I wish I knew more about formatting my blog.  I’ve seen other people’s blogs so I know it’s possible, but I want to clean up my webpage and make my blog part of the home page, then insert a feed on the side with twitter updates and any other updates for my other stuff.  In the long run, I’m going to incorporate some photography and maybe a locked section with a live video stream and some personal apps and info.  I guess I have a lot of plans and just need to get started.

I’m planning on starting from scratch to replace the old site with a different style and feel and everything.  The old site was basically for play and doesn’t have any useful info or apps.  Maybe a couple links, but that’s it.  I figure I’ve had it for a couple years now, it’s time to redesign and make it more useful.  I also need to work on a logo.

So, time to get after it and learn a couple things.