I recently made some major changes to my blog.  To start with I changed the address.  I was using a Blogger blog that posted to blog.oneniner.com and decided to import it into a Blogengine.net blog to go with my website a little better, so the new address is oneniner.com/blog as I'm sure you figured out if you're reading this.  Along with this change I decided to combine the 3 or 4 blogs I had with blogger into one.  I used to have a blog for my sports activities, the soccer team I used to coach, but still love to follow, then my personal one that talked about everything else.  Since I'm the only one that wrote anyways, and they are all about my life I just combined them.  I have so many interests that I was afraid people would get lost, but then I decided that's just me, people will want to know the real me and all the different things I like to do.  So here's the composite blog.  To confuse things even more, we started a P90X blog with some friends at omahaP90Xcrew.blogspot.com and I'm also working on a site for Amy and I's wedding at oneniner.com/wedding.

There are going to be a flurry of changes made to my wedding site as August 8th gets closer, then as time frees up, I'm planning on overhauling my main site, so I hope you enjoy!